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Delivering employees and residents the right service.

What is Tunsure?

Well let’s start by saying the word is really spelled Tonsure. Tonsure was a grooming style that shows a sign of devotion and humility.

Our meaning behind Tunsure!

We get it. You love your local barber or stylist. But sometimes, life gets in the way of you getting to the barbershop or salon.

Tunsure is a tech-enabled service that operates within corporate offices and apartment complexes to provide beauty and wellness perks. Customers can use our SaaS platform to schedule appointments for haircuts and styling within their office or apartment complex. Our barbers and stylists are professional, personable, and adaptable and all of this while maintaining your schedule and getting you to look your best.

If you want Tunsure at your office or apartments, please send us a message on LinkedIn or visit

We are happy to help give your employees and tenants the grooming services they are looking for in their busy lives.